Celebrate Calcium Plus 500 Cherry Tart

Mmmm…me likey.  More please.  Can I OD on Calcium supplements?

Now trust me, I have very little to compare this to, but I really have no reason to try anything else for Calcium.  This was so incredibly yummy.

Pros: Great taste, no aftertaste, it’s calcium people!

Cons: Right after the first bite, there was a bit of a “puff” of dust that I inhaled. It wasn’t bad tasting or anything, just goes to show how fine this calcium is ground to eliminate grittiness.

Want some?  Visit Celebrate !

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Got a packet from the dietitian

I apparently misunderstood when I made the appointment for my first appointment.  I thought the receptionist said I would be able to make my second appointment when I got the packet as I would know the schedule for group meetings then.  Ohhhh well.

I did get some pre-appointment paperwork to fill out and the dreaded food diary.  I hate food diaries.  Especially the kind that say, “Fill this out on a day when you eat most like a normal day.”  Knowing that I have to write it all down, turn it in and be evaluation/scrutinized drives me crazy.

I want to eat normally because that’s what dietitians are there for.  I will write everything down because, let’s face it, they’re going to know that a normal day is more than one rice cake, an apple, some carrots and 64oz of wonderful water.  I’ve done a food diary before, but it was just for me.  If I didn’t write down that late night snack, it didn’t really happen, right?  Yeahhh…that’s why I’m having surgery now.

So here…I will not only write everything down for Joyce (the dietitian), but I’ll put it here because I don’t think anyone will ever see it.  If you do, let me know with a non-derogatory comment.

B: 2 scrambled eggs with 1oz of sliced ham and 2 TBSP of cheddar cheese sauce, 2 pieces of whole grain toast with 1TBSP of natural PB mixed with 1TBSP of honey.

L: 2 small breaded/baked chicken thighs, 1 vegetarian eggroll

Snack: 1/2 cup gelato

D: Grilled cheese with turkey (1oz cheese, 1 slice turkey breast), fresh green beans sauteed with onions in EVOO, no added sugar applesauce and an extra slice of cheddar when I was still feeling unsatisfied about 15 minutes afterward.

Night “snack”: 5 jalapeno poppers that have been calling my name for days.

There.  I got it out.  Now I want a cookie.

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On January 29th, just a few days ago, I had my consultation with my surgeon.  On the way home, I stopped at the store and while I was there, decided to call to make the appointment with the dietitian.  It was Friday at 3:30PM. If I didn’t do it now, I might have to wait until Monday.  I couldn’t wait.  I had to do something NOW!

I see the dietitian on February 22.  Sometime between now and then, I should be a receiving some kind of packet that includes all kinds of wonderful information to keep me busy until that day.  I’m sure there will be about 2,348,329 forms that I need to fill out.  That should be fun.  But the really great part is that there is one form in there that should give me the date of the group meeting.  This is the big kahuna.  This is the meeting that I need to have scheduled to make everything happen.  Once this is done, I can schedule surgery!  It gives me chills to even think about it.

The following Monday, I called about the psychiatric evaluation.  They have to make sure I’m not loco in the coco, right?  So, I’ll take a 500 question “test”, talk to the doctor for a bit and he will verify that I’m not being talked into this surgery by my husband, friends, parents or the voices in my head.  Should be fun.  I go to that on February 9.

I also called about getting into something called a pre sleep study.  From my understanding, I will walk into the sleep clinic, pick up some kind of super duper machine, learn how to connect myself to said machine then go home.  When home, I will wonder how the hell I’m going to sleep with this thing.  I will also worry myself into insomnia thinking that it will reveal some horrible sleep apnea condition that I’m completely unaware of.  When I take that machine back the next day, “they” will read the info provided by the machine and tell me that I have no sleep apnea.  I just snore like a freight train.  That’s the plan, anyway.  I pick up the thing on February 8.

There is a lot happening now!  I waited for years to find a surgery that I found acceptable for myself.  I waited several months to talk myself into going to the seminar.  I waited two months to see the surgeon and here I am waiting, very likely, less than 6 weeks to have surgery.

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Jumping through hoops…

Hoop #1 is to find a bariatric surgeon.  Or a few.  Go to a seminar or three.  Get information, learn about the surgeon, the hospital, the team of doctors that you could potentially have.  Arm yourself with as much information as possible.  Then decide which surgeon you are going to trust your life with.  Easy as pie peazy!

In my case, I had to take a referral sheet from the seminar I went to in to my primary care physicians office.  I cheerfully dropped my referral form off, walked out and thought I got away without having to really talk to my PCP about it.  Nope.  I got a call the next day, had to make an appointment and go explain myself.  The form was signed and I was off.  Ten days later, I got a call from the surgeons office with a consultation date for me…2 months later.  At that point, I thought, “This.  Is going.  To take.  FOR! EVER!!!”

I had that consultation four days ago where I learned that I am a good candidate for the surgery I chose:  vertical sleeve gastrectomy .  I learned about some more hoops I had to jump through, too.  I don’t mind hoops.  They keep the people just want a quick fix out of the office so I can get in quicker.  Can you imagine if there were no hoops?  I would have had to wait until next year to get in for the consultation!

So an hour after walking into the office that was 90 minutes from my house, I left.  I had  bunches of papers to read, a referral to a psychotherapist to do a bariatric psych evaluation, the number to the dietitian all of my surgeon’s patients have to see a number of times and a plan.  It was a productive day, I would say!

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A little intro

My name is Melissa.  I’m married with two littles who I call Bean and Bug — both boys.  Bug just turned three and Bean will be 6 in a couple of weeks.  I like ’em both quite a bit.

I decided to start this blog for a few reasons.  First of all, I’m having bariatric or weight loss surgery.  The surgery I’m having is called the  vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  In layman’s terms, about 85% of my stomach will be removed.  I’ve been overweight obese my entire life.  Near the end of college, I got married, got comfortable, had babies and got bigger.  I gained and lost a lot of weight.  I’d lose 10, gain 12, lose 15, gain 20.  Today, in 2010, I’m at my heaviest and most unhealthy.  I have high blood pressure, a very real chance of being a diagnosed diabetic sometime in the next few years due to weight and family history and am constantly uncomfortable.

But I’ll get into that later…this is just the intro, remember?

I’ve been a stay at home mommy since February 2004.  I’ve been looking for work here in Michigan, the great unemployment state, since around August 2008.  It doesn’t have to be said that morbidly obese people are at least slightly discriminated against when it comes to employment.  All else being equal, an employer will hire the “healthier” applicant over the one who is a risk.

So there ya go.  I’m Melissa, I’m fat, I’m having surgery to change that, I’m a mom and I want a job that pays for at least the propane bill.  How’s that for nutshell?

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