Didn’t want to bring it down, but I have to.

So, that stall? It’s still, STILL, hanging around. My PA and dietitian both say it’s due to either not getting my heart rate up for long enough several times per week and/or because I’m not getting enough calories in.

To make the PA happy, I joined a gym. The kids aren’t allowed there so they can’t keep me from going fast enough to get my heart pumpin’.

To appease the dietitian, I have managed to get my calories around 1000 per day.

Here’s the new dilemma. I’m only getting in 1000 calories per day and I’m burning much of that away doing 30-50 minutes of cardio and circuit training 5 days a week. I’ve only killed one bird here, people! If I increase calorie intake, I’m going to be eating all day to net myself 1000 calories!

Someone help!!! In the five weeks since surgery, I’ve lost between 21 and 24 pounds. I’ve never been able to do that before, but I’m still not happy. I’m still wearing clothes that I wore pre-op. I’m swimming in the pants, but I’m still wearing them. I just. don’t. get it.

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  1. I am NO expert here, and I haven’t had WLS (although I am planning to this summer) so take it for what it is worth. BUT when I was watching the Biggest Loser, I remember an episode or two when the contestants were eating less than they were supposed to and their weight loss stalled. They figured if I eat less and exercise more, I should lose more weight, however that didn’t seem to be the case. Perhaps you might consider upping the calories and seeing what happens. I suppose everyone is different. But congrats on the weight loss so far. That is fantastic that you lost that amount in 5 weeks! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you seem like you have the right attitude and are trying to do the right thing, you will see the fruits of your labor.

    • Hi Sharon! I’m going to blog about this exact subject. I’ve gotten a lot of comments IRL like this and want to explain my new anatomy and what that means a bit better. Thank you for your input!

  2. Hello!

    I recently stumbled across your blog and I wanted to thank you. I have recently decided to undergo a VSG and yours was one of the only blogs that I have found relating to the procedure. I am meant to have my surgery in two months and I am getting rather scared. I hope that your journey is going well.

    • Hi! I am doing GREAT! Everything is going pretty much perfectly. I did have a long stall, but it is over now (will write about that in a bit 😉 ) and, because I have listened to my dietitian and my brain/body, everything seems to be going really well! Keep me updated about your progress! I’m always happy to see other people succeed with the VSG!

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