Greek yogurt wishes and refried bean dreams

I have 20 days until I eat food again.  It seems like I’ve craved one thing constantly since I started this liquid diet.  That one thing is refried beans with mild red sauce, melted cheese and a little dollop of Greek Yogurt.

What is the first thing you’re going to try when you can move on to mushies/purees post op?  If you’re already post op, what was the first thing you tried?

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Pre-op diet day 10

Popsicles.  I need more popsicles.  And Jello.  Must have more Jello.  And while I’m at it, could we please just omit Saturday and possibly Sunday?  I’d really like that, if you all don’t mind.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little dramatic right now, but I. am. hungry.  I haven’t yet found a schedule for the two Impact drinks and one protein drink of my choice.  Yesterday I was busy all day so only really felt hungry once or twice.  Today, though, I made a special meal for Bug, Nugget and my stepdaughter, Sis.  Mmmm…meatloaf.  Mashed ‘tatoes.  Corn on de cob.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Because I made the meatloaf and potatoes look like an iced cake, it took a bit of a long time.  And I could smell it.

I’m kind of over it now, but my belly is still hungry.  Shouldn’t I be over this point by now?  Shouldn’t my body be saying, “To hell with it!  This broad isn’t giving me any food, so I’m just going to quit asking for it now.”?

I’m done now.  I’ll quit.  Sorry.  I guess I’m forgetting the goal here.  No more whining!  There’s no crying in bariatric surgery!

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