I tried to “shake” it up.

Tee hee hee.  Shake.  Get it?  Huh?  Oh.

I have been cold lately.  My fingers are like ice 90% of the time.  Today, I decided that I was going to make a warm protein drink and I was going to like it, darn it!  I’ve been reading about a lot of people adding cocoa powder to vanilla shakes to not only make it chocolate, but to also cut the sweetness.  The sweetness has been a problem with the  Chike Vanilla being too sweet the last few days so I decided to make it a hot cocoa.  I added a dash of cinnamon and maybe 1/3 teaspoon of cocoa powder, shook it up in my blender bottle then nuked it until just under 130 degrees.

Then I didn’t like it.  I’m thinking it’s because I used 1/2 water, 1/2 milk to make it.  It was just too thick for my liking.  After that, I added a little more water to thin it, then ice to make it cold.  Once I did all that, it was good, but too much work.

Next time I want a warm protein drink, I’ll mix the protein with water, no skim.

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Syntrax Nectar Roadside Lemonade

I got my big box ‘o Nectar at about 6:05PM this evening.  By 6:45PM, I’d decided to try the Roadside Lemonade.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, so again, I weighed out 13g of the powder and mixed with 8oz of water.

Before I go any further, let me state that this should NOT be mixed using the handy dandy Magic Bullet.  It makes it wayyyy too frothy and no amount of pouring it back and forth from one cup to another will take the froth away.

I took a sniff.  “Hmmm…self?  This doesn’t smell all that wonderful.”  I sip.  “Hmmmm…I expected more lemonade flavor, Self.”  I took another sip and remembered that a lot of people recommend mixing a lot of the Nectars with different Crystal Light flavors.  I didn’t have any CL, but I did have a Lemon Berry SF Hawaiian Punch packet.

The heavens opened, the sun was shining and I had found a mix that was pleasing to my palate!  Woot!

The recipe…1/2 scoop Syntrax Nectar Roadside Lemonade plus one single serve packet of SF Hawaiian Punch LemonBerry mixed with 2 cups water.  I would probably be just as, if not more, happy with a bit more water.

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Building Blocks Chewable Calcium (Orange)

Building Blocks Orange Chewable Calcium was palatable, but not great.  I have tried three brands of chewable calcium — this one comes in third.  The flavor was nice.  It wasn’t overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination.  What killed it was the grit factor.  I bit and it fell apart.  Into a mouthful of powder and grit.  Kind of like a mouthful of sand at  the beach.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 meaning that would eat the product as a meal instead of a supplement), I’d give it a 4.5.  Very mehhh.

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Chike Orange Creme Protein Drink

I can sum Chike Orange Creme up in 2 words.  Melted. Dreamsicle.

Holy yumminess, Batman!  Just when I thought I would have to suffer through weeks of icky protein drinks, I found one that I love.  I had a sample of the stuff, but only made half since I fully expected to have to give the leftovers to hubs since he’s been sucking down the proteins I’ve found to be too gross to tolerate.

Oh, you want the deets?  K, so this stuff rocks.  I mixed it in the Magic Bullet…a little over 1/2 cup skim milk with 24g (yes, I weighed out exactly 24g) of powder.  It looked like it might be gritty so I did some extra shaking just to make sure I got it all in there.

I smelled it cautiously.

I put my lips to the rim of the cup.

I tipped it up.

My face went from crinkled in anticipation of my hatred to wide eyed and surprised.  I didn’t just like it.  I wanted to marry it.  It tasted delish!  I have it in the freezer right now getting all Orange Dreamsicle like.  Once it freezes a bit, I’m going to mix it up with the other half and that’s dinner, kids!

I. Can’t. Wait.

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Building Blocks Mixed Berry Multi

Okay, so ya know how when you open a new bottle of multi vitamins, you get hit with the smell?  Yeah.  Building Blocks Mixed Berry Multivitamin was stink-a-licious.  Instead of my normal chewing, letting the vitamin coat my mouth, really tasting it, I chewed then swallowed.  Hey!  It was either that or spit the thing out.  I couldn’t handle the smell.

That being said, if this was the norm for all chewable multi’s, I’d suffer through every day.  I’d be a good girl, pull up my big girl panties and deal.

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Bariatric Advantage Sublingual B12

There really isn’t anything to review.  This is the first sublingual B12 I’ve ever had so I have nothing to compare it to.  It took awhile to dissolve.  I spent a good amount of time nibbling the edges with my teeth.

The taste was fine.  Not wonderful, not horrible, just there.  It didn’t leave a grit or anything.  Overall, if this is what all the hype is about, it’s very “meh”.

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Chike Chocolate Bliss Protein

I don’t think Chike Chocolate Bliss Protein is very good mixed with coffee.  I thought it would be a good mocha type drink.  I didn’t expect Starbux, but this just. wasn’t great.  It was palatable, but not something I’m going to do again for a very long time.

Let me break it down.  The texture was great.  There was no grit.  It mixed well in my Magic Bullet with little to no foam.  I know the coffee wasn’t too hot…no higher than 125 degrees (has to be lower than 130 to prevent clumping). It was just a mix of the temperature (might have been great as an iced mocha drink?) and it being thick, like a melted ice cream shake.  My brain heaves a little thinking about it.

If I don’t find a protein drink I like soon, things are going to get bad.  I’m starting to get mental queasiness just thinking about protein shakes because I haven’t had one yet that I truly liked.  I’m hoping the Chike Orange something or other will change my mind later.  I keep hearing about Orange Dreamsicle and have all intentions of getting me a piece of that.

Edit:  After making the Strawberry and Orange Creme mixes, I’m convinced I would have liked the chocolate had I made it with skim milk and warmed it a bit.  I think it would have been the PERFECT protein hot cocoa.

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Bariatric Advantage Cinnamon Calcium Lozenge

It’s a sample review!

Today I got the Bariatric Advantage sample kit made special just for those of us having the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, VSG for short.  Among other things that I will review later, I got a Calcium Citrate Cinnamon Flavored Lonzenge with Vitamin D.

First off, BAM!  Super cinnamon flavor.  Sweet and hot.  Spicy.  It left a bit of a fine grit in my mouth, but nothing I couldn’t stand over and over again.  It was very much like a cinnamon flavored breath freshener.  The only time it was not the best was when I bit it broke in half.  The cinnamon was overwhelming.  It almost burned.  I had to take a drink.  Had. To.

Overall, I would still eat these nommy little yum-yums again.  They may be too much right after surgery, though.  There is A LOT of flavor.

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Celebrate Calcium Plus 500 Cherry Tart

Mmmm…me likey.  More please.  Can I OD on Calcium supplements?

Now trust me, I have very little to compare this to, but I really have no reason to try anything else for Calcium.  This was so incredibly yummy.

Pros: Great taste, no aftertaste, it’s calcium people!

Cons: Right after the first bite, there was a bit of a “puff” of dust that I inhaled. It wasn’t bad tasting or anything, just goes to show how fine this calcium is ground to eliminate grittiness.

Want some?  Visit Celebrate !

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