Short 6 month update

I am still computer-less. Right now, I’m at my sisters house, 4 hours away from my own home, stealing time to do this.

I’ve missed you, dear readers!

I’ve recently celebrated my “1/2 birtday”. Since I started my weight loss journey, I’ve lost a total of about 83 pounds, 65-ish being since surgery. I have my 6 month follow up appointment on the 15th so we will see what my PA has to say. Hopefully she won’t tell me that I’m not doing well and that I need to change this that or the other in order to be “where I’m supposed to”. I’m quite pleased with my progress, although a bit upset that I’m letting Halloween candy slip in here and there and drinking more than one cup of coffee a day. I went for 5 months without coffee and now that its getting chilly in the mornings again, it has found a way to sneak back in. That’s life, though, right?

So, since I have to keep this short, that’s the update. I really miss you all and hope that I am back online at home very soon, but I’ve yet to find a job in this economy. A computer is just not in the budget.

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Dead: one computer, Lost: 70 pounds

I am here. Kind of. I don’t have a computer so I am making due where I can. Today I’m not on a time limit like I normally am at the library. I can’t even pay bills, balance the checking account and check email in the half hour that I get at the library. Obviously, I don’t have time to stay on top of this blog. Sorry, peeps.

Onto the good stuff now. I am now about 4.5 months post op and doing well. I’ve lost about 72 pounds total, 55 since surgery. I am working out either at the gym or at the park 4-6 days a week. I am seeing a lot of toning and my stamina is definitely increasing. With that, my weight loss is not what it could be due to the additional muscle my body is accumulating. It’s bittersweet as I still have 55-60 pounds to lose before I get to my one year goal. I was told that it would be hard to get to that goal, but doable…I am determined, but won’t be too terribly disappointed if I don’t make it.

I had labs done last month. Everything except my iron was great. My cholesterol was better than ever, too. The iron thing isn’t anything new. It’s a family thing. A female family thing to be more precise.

Overall, things are good. My toe nails are always painted, my clothes are constantly getting bigger on me and my second chin is consistently getting smaller. I still love my VSG.

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Didn’t want to bring it down, but I have to.

So, that stall? It’s still, STILL, hanging around. My PA and dietitian both say it’s due to either not getting my heart rate up for long enough several times per week and/or because I’m not getting enough calories in.

To make the PA happy, I joined a gym. The kids aren’t allowed there so they can’t keep me from going fast enough to get my heart pumpin’.

To appease the dietitian, I have managed to get my calories around 1000 per day.

Here’s the new dilemma. I’m only getting in 1000 calories per day and I’m burning much of that away doing 30-50 minutes of cardio and circuit training 5 days a week. I’ve only killed one bird here, people! If I increase calorie intake, I’m going to be eating all day to net myself 1000 calories!

Someone help!!! In the five weeks since surgery, I’ve lost between 21 and 24 pounds. I’ve never been able to do that before, but I’m still not happy. I’m still wearing clothes that I wore pre-op. I’m swimming in the pants, but I’m still wearing them. I just. don’t. get it.

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I know, I’ve been really lame!

I’m going to get back on the blogging bandwagon! I haven’t been on lately and that’s bad. I’ll give a quick rundown of the happenings of the last two weeks, but really? It’s been pretty boring.

There’s been a lot of protein drinks and soup. A lot.

There have been many nights of fitful sleep due to the drain. A friend of mine told me to name it as her husband found that naming his own drain made it easier to deal with. Since we have a habit of calling each other a “whore”, I went with “Hobag”. Thankfully, my little Hobag was removed on Friday, April 16th.

I’ve lost about 35 pounds since starting the pre-op diet. That’s about 17 since surgery. Not bad for two weeks, no?

During the first two weeks pre-op, I had a horrible time with getting 64+oz of fluids in. Calories were also hard to come by. I was lucky in getting 500 per day. I know many would say that 500 calories is pretty damned good, but not my dietitian. For the first two weeks, she wants to see 600-800 calories per day. How? Not sure.

During my post op appointment, the NP, Karen, said my incisions looked perfect, my Hobag was perfect (even better that she took it out) and my weight loss was perfect.

Getting the drain out was not perfect. I mean, from Karen’s perspective it was very much perfect. From mine, it was not completely painless. She told me there would be a “Wooot!” feeling. She told me to inhale, she yanked, I “Woot”ed then I laughed. I laughed to keep the tears at bay. Really, it only hurt at the drain site. It was still raw and just stung a bit, but I was nervous and didn’t believe Miss Karen. Really, would you expect just a small “woot” when having something pulled from one side of your abdomen to the other? No. And neither did I. All in all, it wasn’t completely painful, but painless isn’t the word I’d use, either.

Since then, I have felt about 90% normal. I still have the diet and I still have small pains here and there when I over do it. Yeah. 90%.

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Finally back! LONG post-op update!

I had surgery on Tuesday, 4/06. I got to the hospital at 6AM, went straight back to get blood drawn then off to surgical prep where I changed into my gown and those lovely socks. I got my IV, had a visit with the anesthesiologist and my surgeons PA who would assist during surgery.

Hubs got to come in and see me for a bit before they wheeled me down the hall to surgery. On the way, I got to see my kiddos (ugh…leaving them with a quick “see-ya-soon” blown kiss had me close to tears) one last time before finishing the trip. From there, all I remember is a nurse putting the oxygen mask on, telling me it was oxygen then telling me they were going to give me some medicine in the IV to relax me.

Bull dookie, nursie poo! That didn’t relax me. It knocked me out. Liars.

Next thing I know, I’m awake and saying, “Owwww, owwwww, owwww”. I guess “they” knew what I was talking about because the next time I woke up, the pain wasn’t so bad. I only said “Owww” twice. The next time was even better.

After that, I remember being wheeled into my room. Let me just say that my room had an awesome view. I could watch the storms that we had during my stay roll on in and, really, it was pretty amazing. All through the rest of that first day, I slept. When I woke up, I’d ask (each time) how surgery went and if I could get more pain meds. The pain in my shoulder and ribs was horrible. I don’t think I even felt pain from any of my incisions. Now I know what people were talking about when they talk about the dreaded “gas pains”. It was bad.

On Wednesday, I was awake a bit more, but not a ton. I finally figured out that it was the Lortab that was knocking me out so I did all I could to go as long as I could between doses. I didn’t like the feeling of being so out of it. I went in the AM to get the upper GI done. The liquid that I had to swallow was horrid. Barium would have been a blessing compared to this. But, I was in awe at the pictures on the screen. My. Tiny. Tummy. Wow. Throughout the rest of the day, I was released to clear liquids since I passed the upper GI and in the evening, taken off the IV. I ordered SF Jello and broth for dinner and got about six spoons of broth in before I gave up. I had no interest. I took a few walks around the floor and took a shower that evening.

Thursday I woke up at about 5AM and was so excited to go home! All I needed was discharge instructions and my ride! I walked, sipped, packed, sipped, walked, watched TV, sipped, walked and sipped until hubs got there at about 10:30AM. The rest of the day, I walked, sipped and rested in my own bed. I ended up sleeping incredibly well that night. I was surprised, actually.

Friday, I ran some errands with hubs and the kiddos, took the boys to my parents for the weekend. Hubs had to work and my parents offered to take them so I wouldn’t get too worn out trying to take care of them all day and get up with them in the night should they need something. I love my parents. My step daughter stayed with me to keep me company. We watched movies last night. Well, she watched movies. I fell asleep. Oopsie!

Today, I’ve been trying to push myself to get more calories, protein and fluids. I’ve gotten to my 60g goal for protein and my calories aren’t too bad, either — 460 at 6PM. I’m only at about 40oz of water so far, though. Booooo! Gotta get better at that. I am still taking pain meds as needed, but every day that is less and less. I still have a drain, too. I’m starting to want some food that I have to chew, but have faith that I can hold off another 10 days on that.

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Bwahhhhh! Hahahahaha!

Sis cracks me up.  She got here two days ago and is just SURE that she can do a liquid diet with no problems.  She’s convinced that I am a bit wuss and she, who eats three meals and two snacks per day (while with us.  Much MUCH more when she’s at her mom’s), has super incredible will power and can totally go for a full 24 hours with no real food.  She agreed to this tonight and will try to do it on Monday.

The day after Easter.

When she still has almost an entire Easter Bunny calling to her.

When the basket of goodies is screaming her name!

The same day that her brothers will both be gorging themselves on the same bunnies and candy.

I laugh!  HA!

Oh, and she also thinks it won’t be a  problem as I prep scalloped potatoes to put in the freezer, make potato soup for the family while I’m in the hospital and season some ribs (her fave).

I’ll send a sample pack of Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein to the person who guesses the closest time of Sis giving up on the all liquid diet.  The rules she has to follow are simple:  1200 calories, 5-6 protein shakes of her choosing (we have several in the house) and 1 serving of cream soup/oatmeal/SF yogurt.   Of course SF popsicles, Jello and Crystal Light are available within reason.

Come on, people!  Get in on this!  Jay Robb stuff is pretty good!  Comment your answer, get in on the action!

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Pre-op diet day 12…or something

I have two days left.  Two days”eating” 3 protein rich drinks per day plus all the SF, super low cal clear’s I want.  Today, I woke up in a decent mood.  I went through the morning in a decent mood.  Then Hubs got out leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes for himself.  He also made hot dogs for the kids.

I do not like hot dogs.  In fact, the only time I will eat a hot dog is if it’s grilled or campfire burned.  No lie.

That just killed me.  I don’t mind cooking dinner for my family, but when Hubs warms up leftovers for himself then cooks something for the kids, I want to scream!

I am still not spreading my protein out right.  Today, I had one at 11:30AM, one at 5:30PM and the last at about 8:30.  I didn’t feel hungry until 11:30AM then was ravenous until 5:30.  I just. don’t. get it!

Wish me luck for tomorrow.  I’ve got to do it!

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Pre-op diet day 7

Today. Was. Bad.

Yes, Mother Nature has taken up residence in my uterus.  She better vacate the premises by next Tuesday.  Darn it.

Today was also day one of phase two of my diet.  Today I dropped to having two IMPACT advanced recovery drinks and one protein drink per day.  Of course, I can also have all the Jello to eat and all the SF, super low cal drinks I want.

That being said?  I failed again.  I ate another slice of deli turkey.  Maybe a half ounce?  I know if I’m going to have a slip up, this is probably one of the best things to have, but I don’t want to slip.  I don’t want to give in.  I want to be the PERFECT patient, dammit!  I’m just frustrated and ready to have this surgery done.  The next week is going to be L-O-N-G!

I think this is where I’ll start giving a list of my intake for the day.  Besides the turkey, I had:

Nectar Cappuccino made with FF milk – 31g protein, 180 cals

Chike protein made with FF milk – 36g protein, 280 cals

IMPACT nutrition drink – 18g protein, 340 cals

Totals: 85g protein, 800 cals

Obviously, this doesn’t include the cup of Jello I had or the 100+oz of water/Sobe 0/Crystal Light I drank.  That added another 35 calories, but they apparently don’t count towards my total.

7 more days.  Just 7 more days.

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Now I’m overthinking the pre-op diet.

As if I haven’t stressed about it enough, now I think I’m overthinking the rules of the pre-op diet.

My instructions say I’m on the pre-op diet for 2 weeks.  During the first week, I should be taking in 1100-1200 calories by way of 6-7 protein drinks and my chosen 1 cup of cream of whatever soup.  Today would be day seven of that, thus ending my first week.  By that math, I would start the week two diet tomorrow (day 8), right?  But that’s where I’m confused.

During week two, I have to drink 2 Impact Advanced Recovery drinks per day, except for the day before surgery (day 14, I guess), when I would drink one Impact.

Let me break the Impact schedule down for ya.  I have 15 of them and I should have the 15th *”by noon (or before 4PM)”. After the last, I can have nothing but water until 11PM then nothing by mouth since my surgery is at 7:30AM on Tuesday the 6th.

If I started the two week diet on Tuesday, the 23rd, that would have me drinking my last Impact on Monday, the 5th.  Counting back from there, it would have me having my first Impact on Monday (today), the 29th.  Right?

RIGHT?  Or no? Go forth and learn me sumthin’.

*I’m dead serious when I quote this. It is how the nutritionists wrote the orders for all pre-op dieters.  The explanation of that if for another post.

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Right. Now I feel bad.

This morning, as I’m just getting into the groove of the Monday morning rush to get Bug ready and off to school, he tells me about the dream he had last night.

Bug:  Mom, I had a dream and it wasn’t a nightmare like the daydream that was a nightmare on that I had on the way home from grandma’s (yesterday evening).

Me: Good!  What was it about?

Bug:  Easter. *giggle*

Me:  Reeeaaallly?

Bug:  Yes.  Mom?  Do you think the Easter Bunny will get scared of Lucky (my parent’s little ankle biting, raccoon and possum killing dog) like he did last year?

Me:  Huh?  What are you talking about, Bug?

Bug: You know, he got scared and dropped all of his eggs all over the yard!  You know, mom!  Remember?!

(The kid is incredibly close to hysterics at this point thinking I don’t remember ANYTHING!)

Me: Ahhh…I remember.  I don’t know.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Okay, so why do I feel bad?  Well, the answer is simple.  I’ve been so self involved lately that I didn’t really think of doing anything other than a basket with more toys than candy for Easter.  I didn’t think about my normal egg hunt, egg decorating, pastel egg/bunny shaped food.  I have been so consumed with what I think I need during this pre-op diet, I forgot about my kids’ memories.

So, now I feel the need to make this the best, most memorable Easter ever.  Obviously, I have to do the obligatory Easter egg hunt, decorating eggs, Easter theme shapes to food and Hubs says a big chocolate bunny is mandatory, too.  What other ideas do you have for me?  My kids are going to go through a lot of having to be on their best behavior the week after Easter so I want to give them something great to talk about while making all of us adults proud.

Alright.  Send forth all ideas…NOW!

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