I got on the scale this morning and, no doubt about it, the stall is over. I have to believe that the reason it was short lived was due to pushing my calories up a bit as soon as I noticed.

Keep the calories up, VSG kids! I am no consistently above 800 per day using some tricks that my dietitian gave me. Yesterday it was closer to 900, but I don’t think that will be normal because I was hungry all afternoon and evening. I’m sorry to say that I did a bit of grazing after dinner. Whoopsie! It happened. Today is new.

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A recipe! It’s goooood.

A few years ago, before getting pregnant with Nugget, I tried another diet to lose weight. I managed to lose 3 pounds over 2 weeks before I gave up because I was not convinced that it was a healthy diet. I won’t mention which diet this was, but I will say that it is very healthy on a beach somewhere down South.

Ahem! Cough, cough!

Anyway, I still have a book with recipes because I love me some cook books and many of the recipes are fairly healthy. I was looking for something sweet and high protein today to follow some pureed soup. I found one called Ricotta Lemon Zest Creme or something close to that. (I don’t feel like gettin’ up to look right now, k? Sorry.) Want the recipe? I promise it is better than it sounds. Also? I modified it a bit to taste and so it would fit into my tiny VSG tummy and.

2oz Ricotta cheese
1/4 tsp. lemon juice or 1/8 tsp. lemon zest
1/8 tsp. vanilla extract
1 pkg sweetener

Mmmmm… but with 1/2 cup soup, I couldn’t eat it all. I’m so disappointed, yet thrilled that I can no longer stuff food into myself just because it tastes good. For the first time in my LIFE, my stomach tells me when it’s full before consuming a horrendous amount of food.

VSG is amazing!

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2 weeks out food log

I’ve been keeping a food journal since the start of my pre-op diet. It’s not just for myself, but for the dietitian, too. For some reason, Joanna and Joyce like to see what I’m putting in my body. Then they analyze it and tell me what I’m doing right or wrong. I’m hoping I don’t get chastised too much when I go back in early May. I may have pushed the diet just a touch a couple of times, but it was an eat or don’t eat situation that is for another post. Right now, I’m going to give you an example of a typical day for me.

The day that I chose was one when we were at a hotel b/c Bug had an appointment at a major children’s hospital. I wouldn’t normally use 2% milk or have a non-protein for breakfast, but I had little/no choice.

April 23, 2010 — 17 days post op
8:00AM — 1 single serve applesauce = 0g protein, 50 cal
9:00AM — Syntrax made with 1 cup 2% = 31g protein, 220 cal
12:00PM — 1 Scrambled egg w/ 2oz cottage cheese = 14g protein, 110 calories
2:00PM — 1/4 c. oatmeal made with skim, 1/4 c NSA applesauce = 4g protein, 120 cal
5:00PM — 2oz Tilapia, 1tsp olive oil (for fish), 2oz mashed taters, 1/4oz cheese, 1/2tsp margarine = 14g protein, 193 calories
8:00PM — 2oz Tilapia, 1tsp olive oil, 1oz mashed taters, 2oz cheese, 1/2tsp margarine = 12g protein, 148 calories

Totals = 75g protein, 841 calories

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Stall. Blech!

I am quite sure I haven’t lost anything in about a week. If that really is true and my scale isn’t just a big piece of crapola, then I think I know why. See, my dietitian wanted me to take in about 600 calories a day. I was getting in around 450. For two weeks. Then 650-ish for a few days. Then I realized I wasn’t losing weight like I was the first two weeks. That was when I decided I really needed to push myself to get my caloric intake up to the recommended 800 per day. I managed to do that for the last 3 days now.


Now, I just need to see the pounds coming off again or pants falling off or something like that. Grrr…I was hoping I would get an early stall because, well, I can’t be like 90% of all other sleevers! I’m different, dang it!

But I’m not. And neither are you!

P.S. Protein intake has been easy peasy!

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I know, I’ve been really lame!

I’m going to get back on the blogging bandwagon! I haven’t been on lately and that’s bad. I’ll give a quick rundown of the happenings of the last two weeks, but really? It’s been pretty boring.

There’s been a lot of protein drinks and soup. A lot.

There have been many nights of fitful sleep due to the drain. A friend of mine told me to name it as her husband found that naming his own drain made it easier to deal with. Since we have a habit of calling each other a “whore”, I went with “Hobag”. Thankfully, my little Hobag was removed on Friday, April 16th.

I’ve lost about 35 pounds since starting the pre-op diet. That’s about 17 since surgery. Not bad for two weeks, no?

During the first two weeks pre-op, I had a horrible time with getting 64+oz of fluids in. Calories were also hard to come by. I was lucky in getting 500 per day. I know many would say that 500 calories is pretty damned good, but not my dietitian. For the first two weeks, she wants to see 600-800 calories per day. How? Not sure.

During my post op appointment, the NP, Karen, said my incisions looked perfect, my Hobag was perfect (even better that she took it out) and my weight loss was perfect.

Getting the drain out was not perfect. I mean, from Karen’s perspective it was very much perfect. From mine, it was not completely painless. She told me there would be a “Wooot!” feeling. She told me to inhale, she yanked, I “Woot”ed then I laughed. I laughed to keep the tears at bay. Really, it only hurt at the drain site. It was still raw and just stung a bit, but I was nervous and didn’t believe Miss Karen. Really, would you expect just a small “woot” when having something pulled from one side of your abdomen to the other? No. And neither did I. All in all, it wasn’t completely painful, but painless isn’t the word I’d use, either.

Since then, I have felt about 90% normal. I still have the diet and I still have small pains here and there when I over do it. Yeah. 90%.

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Drain pain

Today I’m having drain pain issues. I am quite sure it is just the muscles trying to heal around it all because it only hurts when I, ya know, breathe or move. It feels just like a really badly strained intercostal (sp?) muscle.

This morning, I took regular liquid Tylenol thinking maybe I just needed to move around a bit. I walked, took a shower then thought maybe I just needed to rest it for a bit. It HURT! And there wasn’t a darned thing I could do about it. I did all I could think to do then cried for a minute because it hurt and I didn’t want to deal with it and I feel like I should be feeling like Superwoman or something by now! I’m five days out from major abdominal surgery after all, right? Yeah. Once I thought about it, I quit my whimperin’ and just waited until 1:00PM when I could safely take my Lortab.

Then I slept for two hours.

Now it still hurts, I won’t come close to fluid, protein or calorie goals, but oh well. Tomorrow will be better.

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Finally back! LONG post-op update!

I had surgery on Tuesday, 4/06. I got to the hospital at 6AM, went straight back to get blood drawn then off to surgical prep where I changed into my gown and those lovely socks. I got my IV, had a visit with the anesthesiologist and my surgeons PA who would assist during surgery.

Hubs got to come in and see me for a bit before they wheeled me down the hall to surgery. On the way, I got to see my kiddos (ugh…leaving them with a quick “see-ya-soon” blown kiss had me close to tears) one last time before finishing the trip. From there, all I remember is a nurse putting the oxygen mask on, telling me it was oxygen then telling me they were going to give me some medicine in the IV to relax me.

Bull dookie, nursie poo! That didn’t relax me. It knocked me out. Liars.

Next thing I know, I’m awake and saying, “Owwww, owwwww, owwww”. I guess “they” knew what I was talking about because the next time I woke up, the pain wasn’t so bad. I only said “Owww” twice. The next time was even better.

After that, I remember being wheeled into my room. Let me just say that my room had an awesome view. I could watch the storms that we had during my stay roll on in and, really, it was pretty amazing. All through the rest of that first day, I slept. When I woke up, I’d ask (each time) how surgery went and if I could get more pain meds. The pain in my shoulder and ribs was horrible. I don’t think I even felt pain from any of my incisions. Now I know what people were talking about when they talk about the dreaded “gas pains”. It was bad.

On Wednesday, I was awake a bit more, but not a ton. I finally figured out that it was the Lortab that was knocking me out so I did all I could to go as long as I could between doses. I didn’t like the feeling of being so out of it. I went in the AM to get the upper GI done. The liquid that I had to swallow was horrid. Barium would have been a blessing compared to this. But, I was in awe at the pictures on the screen. My. Tiny. Tummy. Wow. Throughout the rest of the day, I was released to clear liquids since I passed the upper GI and in the evening, taken off the IV. I ordered SF Jello and broth for dinner and got about six spoons of broth in before I gave up. I had no interest. I took a few walks around the floor and took a shower that evening.

Thursday I woke up at about 5AM and was so excited to go home! All I needed was discharge instructions and my ride! I walked, sipped, packed, sipped, walked, watched TV, sipped, walked and sipped until hubs got there at about 10:30AM. The rest of the day, I walked, sipped and rested in my own bed. I ended up sleeping incredibly well that night. I was surprised, actually.

Friday, I ran some errands with hubs and the kiddos, took the boys to my parents for the weekend. Hubs had to work and my parents offered to take them so I wouldn’t get too worn out trying to take care of them all day and get up with them in the night should they need something. I love my parents. My step daughter stayed with me to keep me company. We watched movies last night. Well, she watched movies. I fell asleep. Oopsie!

Today, I’ve been trying to push myself to get more calories, protein and fluids. I’ve gotten to my 60g goal for protein and my calories aren’t too bad, either — 460 at 6PM. I’m only at about 40oz of water so far, though. Booooo! Gotta get better at that. I am still taking pain meds as needed, but every day that is less and less. I still have a drain, too. I’m starting to want some food that I have to chew, but have faith that I can hold off another 10 days on that.

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Bwahhhhh! Hahahahaha!

Sis cracks me up.  She got here two days ago and is just SURE that she can do a liquid diet with no problems.  She’s convinced that I am a bit wuss and she, who eats three meals and two snacks per day (while with us.  Much MUCH more when she’s at her mom’s), has super incredible will power and can totally go for a full 24 hours with no real food.  She agreed to this tonight and will try to do it on Monday.

The day after Easter.

When she still has almost an entire Easter Bunny calling to her.

When the basket of goodies is screaming her name!

The same day that her brothers will both be gorging themselves on the same bunnies and candy.

I laugh!  HA!

Oh, and she also thinks it won’t be a  problem as I prep scalloped potatoes to put in the freezer, make potato soup for the family while I’m in the hospital and season some ribs (her fave).

I’ll send a sample pack of Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein to the person who guesses the closest time of Sis giving up on the all liquid diet.  The rules she has to follow are simple:  1200 calories, 5-6 protein shakes of her choosing (we have several in the house) and 1 serving of cream soup/oatmeal/SF yogurt.   Of course SF popsicles, Jello and Crystal Light are available within reason.

Come on, people!  Get in on this!  Jay Robb stuff is pretty good!  Comment your answer, get in on the action!

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Pre-op diet day 12…or something

I have two days left.  Two days”eating” 3 protein rich drinks per day plus all the SF, super low cal clear’s I want.  Today, I woke up in a decent mood.  I went through the morning in a decent mood.  Then Hubs got out leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes for himself.  He also made hot dogs for the kids.

I do not like hot dogs.  In fact, the only time I will eat a hot dog is if it’s grilled or campfire burned.  No lie.

That just killed me.  I don’t mind cooking dinner for my family, but when Hubs warms up leftovers for himself then cooks something for the kids, I want to scream!

I am still not spreading my protein out right.  Today, I had one at 11:30AM, one at 5:30PM and the last at about 8:30.  I didn’t feel hungry until 11:30AM then was ravenous until 5:30.  I just. don’t. get it!

Wish me luck for tomorrow.  I’ve got to do it!

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Greek yogurt wishes and refried bean dreams

I have 20 days until I eat food again.  It seems like I’ve craved one thing constantly since I started this liquid diet.  That one thing is refried beans with mild red sauce, melted cheese and a little dollop of Greek Yogurt.

What is the first thing you’re going to try when you can move on to mushies/purees post op?  If you’re already post op, what was the first thing you tried?

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