That stall that was over? It’s not.

My scale is just a piece ‘o crap. I tested it today. I stepped on, got a number. Moved it one inch to the right, got a number that was 7 pounds lower. Moved it an inch and a half up, and got a third number that was 1 pound heavier than the first.

I went to my PCP’s office after playgroup.

I’ve lost about six pounds since my 10 day post op appointment which was two weeks ago tomorrow. I should be happy with my 3 pound per week loss for the last two weeks, but I’m having trouble with that. I lost 17 while on my two week pre-op diet and that gave me 1200 calories the first week and 950 the second.

I know, I know. My calories are low, my body is rebelling.

My rational mind tells me that I am completely normal and doing well. Problem is that my rational mind is reserved for telling that same thing to everyone else. I can’t be rational when it comes to myself. NO WAY! Can I?

All I know is that I better lose another inch off my waist (lost 3.5 so far) or lose 5 pounds over the next week or I might do something crazy. Like put some honey in my tea instead of Splenda.

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I got on the scale this morning and, no doubt about it, the stall is over. I have to believe that the reason it was short lived was due to pushing my calories up a bit as soon as I noticed.

Keep the calories up, VSG kids! I am no consistently above 800 per day using some tricks that my dietitian gave me. Yesterday it was closer to 900, but I don’t think that will be normal because I was hungry all afternoon and evening. I’m sorry to say that I did a bit of grazing after dinner. Whoopsie! It happened. Today is new.

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